The people in the future

DAYOU family members’ future

The company pursued after the open management since the beginning of its establishment with the conviction that human beings are the company’s foremost asset. Since the company shares management performance with the employees, they will be proud that they are members of the DAYOU family. The company provides various conditions so that the employees can try their best when it comes to the tasks they are delegated with while pursuing after the workplace with dream.

DAYOU family members

  • Trusting organization member

    · Competent human resources who trust and are trusted by others based on morality

    · Competent human resources who try their best when it comes to the given role and responsibility as the organization members who live with others in harmony
  • Creating professional

    · Competent human resources who continue to study to become the best experts in their field

    · Competent human resources who are geared the future while pioneering into new field with creative thinking
  • Challenging member of the global world

    · Competent human resources who pursue after change without fearing failure with progressive thinking

    · Competent human resources who become the source of energy for the organization with flexible thinking and implementation ability