Beginning of everything is the emotional engineering.
01) The company researches human beings first before making a product.
02) Technology that the DAYOU A-TECH pursues after starts with all human beings.
03) The company starts loving human beings before developing technologies.
04) The company will make seat that breathes along with the human beings.
  • Model Year / Face Lift

    Model Year refers to the replacement of the model for all the automobile models that are produced in a bulk manner around specific time of every year (around August or September in case of foreign countries). During this period, production line is emptied completely, and the period is used as a preparation period for resuming management activity as the new model by replacing facility, preserving for prevention, examining material inventory and renewal of the transaction contract with supplier.

    Moreover, this is the unit for managing company’s operation target and performance analysis as the unit for planning the production and sales plan for the new products that are carried out yearly.
    In case of the Model Year, consumer complaint, although it does not include the matters such as the matters related to quality improvement, addition of convenient matters, and organizing of various models and other modifications that are clearly distinguishable by the regular consumers, new models are launched together in some cases.

    Compared to this, Face Lift refers to the function that increases consumer satisfaction and that prolongs model’s lifetime by adding on new image. This is normally carried out by changing parts of the exterior and modification takes place once every one or two years.

    Type Purpose Changed information Change cycle
    FACE LIFT Increase model’s competitiveness and increase lifetime with fresh image Modification of the some of the exterior 1~2 years
    MODEL YEAR Increase sales, maintain market share or adopt new technology and function Mitigation of the consumer complaint Every year
  • Seat development process

    SEAT development is comprised of the following stages advance design (data collection stage such as benchmarking, market study)→start design→start→test→mass production design→advance mass production→mass production stage. In case of the R&D stage, it targets mostly basic research and new technology의 development and application while going through advance design→advance start→advance test.

    The design stage includes basic LAY-OUT for all the seats, start design for planning individual component (UNIT), mass production design, and design for the modification of the specs for improvement after mass production. Beginning stage of the MODEL UNIT or PROTO (prototype product) CAR production is carried out before and after the time when the basic plan is decided and detailed design is started.

    This is not limited to one time implementation. Instead, it is carried out many times when inappropriate after receiving evaluation related to the target and feedback on the related part due to the change in the development measures or testing of the start unit, prototype vehicle.